Important News About Our 9:07 Service!
We have decided to have our 9:07 service in-person, outdoors! Let’s call it “Faithful by the Fireside!” Or perhaps, Friluftsliv. That’s the Norwegian word for “open-air-living,” and it is first and foremost about feeling the joy of being in nature and doing something that is meaningful. Knowing that we all need joy and connection to others in the dark of winter and with the limitations of corona-time, we are taking inspiration from our Scandinavian neighbors of the north, embracing nature and having our 9:07 service outdoors in-person.
Intended to be a point of connection for all members of our congregation and all ages, this is a multi-generational service. Join us in the Close weekly for a 20ish-minute service focusing on the lessons we learn from children of the Bible. Winter through a child’s eyes is magical and joyful! We’ll capture that whimsical sense of wonder as we gather together, with safe social distancing, around a fire for this brief service. Bundle up and mask up. Fresh air and movement is good for us all!
We hope to see you there at 9:07 starting this week, Jan 10 (and then perhaps “see” you again online at 10:00)! Please allow 10 feet distance between family units. Contact Carissa Kapcar for more information. (At least for now, there will no longer be an online 9:07 service.)
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