Dear Union Church members,

Our UCC partners in Angola (2,800 congregations!) are realizing a long-term dream of opening a university in Dondi.  The Illinois conference of the UCC has agreed to fund the cost of printing 50,000 hymnals, which are being sold in Angola to church members, to raise $350,000 in startup costs for the university.  We would love your help towards the cost of these hymnals.  You can donate to cover the cost of one ($3), a few ($10) or many hymnals ($30, $100…).   If you’d like more information about this project, please visit

You can donate by:

In Angola, hymnals are owned individually and are a valued possession of church members.  We are asking all of the 250 churches in the Illinois conference to help cover the $150,000 cost of the hymnals, starting with our own Union Church congregation.

Thanks and blessings to you,

Union Church Angola Partnership Team

(Penny Davey, Mary Sue Honigschmidt, Penny Johnson, Laurie McMahon, Chriss Schaefer, Mike and Janine Solberg)

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