You know, Jesus said a lot of stuff. Some of it is wonderful, some of it is confusing, some of it is challenging, and some of it has changed the world. As his followers, it s a good idea for us to know what he said, which is a step toward knowing what he meant, which is a step toward the adventurous, joyful life he wants for us.

So, here is an ALL CHURCH CHALLENGE: Can we get 500 people to read Jesus “Sermon on the Mount” before Easter? The “Sermon on the Mount” is found in Matthew, chapters 5,7, and it is a uniquely important presentation of the teaching of Jesus. We should know what it says!

We are calling this challenge “Blessed Are the Bible, Readers,” and to have a little fun with it, we are going “retro.” Remember the Sunday School flannel graphs from the 1960s? Well, you will be seeing a lot of “Flannelgraph Jesus,” and he will be encouraging you to read the Sermon on the Mount.

Furthermore, you can earn a gold star! How retro is that, right? The name of every member of the church is now on a display in the Gathering Place, and when you have read the Sermon on the Mount, you get to put a gold star next to your name.* Far out!

There is still more to “Blessed Are the Bible, Readers,” so see the information available in the Gathering Place by the display for more information. Look for Flannelgraph Jesus, and remember… “Blessed are the Bible,readers, for they shall earn gold stars!”


* P.S. If you read the Sermon on the Mount but can t make it to church, call the office (630, 323,4303), or send an email to, to let us know of your achievement. We need your help to get to 500 readers!

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