caring support imageThe Care Team

The Care Team is composed of church members who have volunteered to be trained as lay ministers for other people in our congregation. Our Care Team members call on and meet with other church members who are going through a difficult time for whatever reason. This might include loss of a loved one, a serious medical diagnosis, divorce, financial struggles, career/job change, or isolation.

The goal of the Care Team is to help comfort and emotionally support people in their losses and grief.
We want each person to feel safe, to feel heard, and to know that their situation will remain
confidential. Our trained lay ministers help build supportive relationships that sustain in a life of faith,
friendship, and trust in our church community.

We are trained in the Called to Care program of the United Church of Christ. The Care Team assigns
callers as members of the congregation are added to or removed from the call list. The Care Team
Ministry welcomes new volunteers to serve as callers. The Care Team Ministry provides initial and
ongoing training for the callers.

Contact The Care Team: EMAIL FOR MORE INFORMATION  or call 630-323-4303

Caring and Sharing Group

This lay-led support group for caregivers has been in existence at Union Church for many years. We meet on a Saturday morning to offer each other emotional support, wisdom and practical advice as well as an occasional dose of humor. Confidentiality is the one and only rule of this group. Everything shared stays within the group. We typically gather on the second Saturday of the month at 9 am in the Kitchen Classroom. Attendees take turns providing breakfast treats, so there is always food and coffee!

Contact Caring and Sharing Group: EMAIL FOR MORE INFORMATION or call 630-323-4303