Celebration Dinner Preparation Volunteers Wanted

Celebration Dinner Preparation Volunteers Wanted

Help wanted… and you are exactly who we need!

Here’s your chance to help our wonderful church community and to ensure a successful Celebration Dinner on September 8th, 2018. We are hard at work gathering a variety of things for our auction, for a special wine cellar collection, and for prizes for some fun games. If you are able to donate anything from themed gift baskets, to sports tickets, to vacation homes, we would love to hear from you today.

If you are traveling this summer, or even if you are only traveling to your local wine shop, please consider picking up a special bottle of wine to share with our church family. We are hoping to gather a variety of bottles that will be shared as game prizes, and for our auction.

Please contact Sharon Olsen (olsen.Sharon@gmail.com), Jorie

Parwani (jorie20@hotmail.com), or Beth Bozeman (beth.bozeman@comcast.net) with questions or to arrange for delivery of your auction items. Thanks for your help and support.


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