Christian Social Justice

“But let justice roll down like waters, and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream.”
– Amos 5:24 English Standard Version

Welcome to the Ministry of Christian Social Justice

Our Mission:
We seek to respond to God’s call for justice by working to remedy systemic causes of social, political and economic injustice through education and advocacy, rather than providing charity alone.

Our ministry’s charter calls us to:

  • Take responsibility for helping the church and its members to live out Jesus’ simple charge to “do justice.”
  • Study the Bible and other sources in order to understand, teach, and celebrate in worship the nature of Christian social justice as God’s dream of shalom on earth—well being for everyone.
  • Help members of the Church to assess the state of Christian social justice in contemporary life and identify the conditions and barriers to its realization.
  • Advise and support individuals and organizations at all levels—local, regional, national, and international, striving to overcome fundamental barriers to justice and striving to promote God’s shalom.
  • Oversee our work with DuPage United*as well as work in coordination with our Before We Get to Mars


How We Serve
In pursuit of this charter the Christian Social Justice Ministry engages in the following activities:

  • Organizing and direct advocacy through meetings with legislators and participation in advocacy events through DuPage United.*
  • Regular and ongoing conversations with other church members to find out which issues are most important to them.
  • Classes and seminars to inform members of the congregation about specific issues of social justice.
  • Moments for Justice from the pulpit to inform members about issues and opportunities for advocacy.
  • Administers the Hank Maxwell Peace and Justice Fund.


*DuPage United is an inclusive, non-profit, fiercely non-partisan organization whose members are civil society institutions: churches, mosques, synagogues, non-profit agencies, and associations. This mix of institutions has come together to form public relationships and to act together to improve the quality of life for individuals, families and communities. DuPage United engages in democratic action in the public arena. Union Church has been a member of DuPage United since 2015.

Links and information:

DuPage United
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