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Email sent to goes to staff members working on The Good News (monthly, by mail or online notification), Midweek Blast (weekly email), the website (online) and Community Life (weekly, inserted in the worship bulletin). With your input, staff can decide the best venue for getting your information out to our community.

Union Church of Hinsdale, U.C.C.

Event Marketing Form

When a ministry at the church is planning an event that will need publicity (both in house and in the public arena) the Event Marketing Form is to be use. It should be submitted to the Union Church offices between 6-8 weeks BEFORE an event for the best publicity results possible. Please be as detailed as possible. The more information we have the better. Also, keep in mind that we may need to edit your submission for content, length, etc. We cannot guarantee that all desired methods of promotion will be used. Below is an example of what the form looks like. It is not a functional form yet. You can copy and paste this into an email and send it to OR print the PDF and submit it to the church offices. If you have any questions please contact us at (630) 323.4303.


Event Title: ______________________________________________________________________________

Event Tagline (if applicable): __________________________________________________________

Event Time/Date/Location: ___________________________________________________________

Event Cost (per person, discounts, on sale date): ____________________________________

Event Contact Information: ___________________________________________________________
(This information will be published publically. Phone, Email, Etc.)


Event Description
(please attach additional material or photos via email to: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________







Event’s Target Audience: _______________________________________________________________

(Adults, College Students, Couples, Families, Church Members, General Public, etc.)


Is there an advertising budget for this event?  [   ] Yes  [   ] No

If Yes, What budget line item is this going to be charged to: _______________________

What is the target amount to be spent on advertising: _____________________


If Yes, What publications are you looking to advertise in?

[   ] The Doing / Suburban Life

[   ] The Hinsdalean

[   ] Other: ___________________________________________


How would you like your event promoted?

– Email                                                – Posters                        – Good News Newsletter
– Press Release                                 – Website                       – Online Social Media
– Blog                                                  – Postcards [Paid]       – Mailing [Paid]
– Sunday Morning Slides


Suggested wording for ad(s):