Executive Council

Executive Council

Union Church’s Executive Council

The mission of the Executive Council is to stimulate, coordinate and review the making and execution of a comprehensive church program in partnership with clergy and staff and in accordance with our guiding principles and our covenant with each other.

How We Serve

The Executive Council is comprised of the Moderator, Vice-Moderator, Clerk, Senior Minister, the Chair of each of the eight standing boards, and eight members-at-large. The boards (and brief responsibilities) follow:

  • Elders Ministries (worship services and spiritual life)
  • Parish Life Ministries (fellowship, hospitality, and small group ministries)
  • Trustees Ministries (stewardship and resource management)
  • Christian Mission Ministries (outreach and service)
  • Christian Social Justice Ministries (justice advocacy)
  • Christian Education Ministries (life-long Christian formation)
  • Music Ministries (music education, music ministry, choirs)
  • Endowment Fund Ministries (investments and planned giving)

The Executive Council meets once each month to propose, discuss and vote on action presented by the boards and ministries, or by the members-at-large, the Senior Minister, the Moderator, the Vice-Moderator or the Clerk. Board and ministry chairs report back to their respective groups.

The Executive Council has authorized or created a group of committees which are listed below. The members-at-large are assigned to relate to these committees, and to be the liaisons between the committees and the council. The committees are: Nominating Committee, Membership Committee, Budget Committee, Denominational Relations Committee, and Youth Committee. Also relating in the same manner as the committees are two other larger organizations in the church, the Women’s Association and the Men’s Club.

Unique to Executive Council

Executive Council strives to maintain an objective overview of the workings of The Union Church of Hinsdale. Each member may have board affiliations or special areas of interest, but they strive to listen to others and share ideas and dreams that will enhance the ability of church members to fully develop their spiritual lives.

Executive Council meetings may not be the only place at Union Church for lively discussions and debates, but it is the only forum where each individual present represents their special interest areas and shares their individual talents in an effort to create a unique place of worship and serve God.


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