Did you know that Bromleigh grew up in the North Shore suburbs of Chicago and graduated from Glenbrook South? She did her undergraduate work at Boston University. She met her husband, Josh, through their best friends in their early twenties. Josh is a math teacher at Lincoln Middle School in Park Ridge.

Bromleigh’s dad is a United Methodist minister, currently at Park Ridge Community Church (UCC). Her mom teaches drama at Maine South High School, where she also costumes and directs shows and runs a program using drama to empower students with autism. Bromleigh learned to be flexible watching her parents while she and her two sisters were growing up as they juggled professional and family life.

Bromleigh, Josh and their three girls moved in July within Park Ridge, but they are well settled already. They love the theater and have been season ticket holders at the Goodman. If you are invited for dinner, her favorite entrées to cook are peanut noodles with scallops or shrimp quesadillas! Yum!

Right now her greatest luxury would be sitting by herself on the porch reading uninterrupted!

This article was sourced from the latest WEWKs newsletter.

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