New Policy for Small Groups/Meeting Gathering in PersonĀ 

Dear Friends,
I miss seeing all of you! Although I am talking with several church members each day, it is not the same as meeting in person. For me, as for many of you, it still seems very odd not to be in worship together on Sunday morning. This is an odd time indeed.
I do believe, however, that we are still able to be the church together, and all the church activity I see still going on proves the point – online worship and meetings, people checking in with each other, the number of you who regularly read our emails, and more! Your flexibility and dedication to Union Church – to each other that is – is beautiful.
Given the current state of the coronavirus pandemic in our area, and given the needs and interests of our congregation, we believe we can now allow small groups and meetings to take place at the church building and on church property. Executive Council has approved guidelines for such meetings. While we encourage groups to continue to meet online unless there is a compelling reason to meet in person, small group meetings will be allowed.
Download the guidelines here, and if you want to schedule a meeting email Penny Johnson.
As you have undoubtedly learned, large group gatherings are particularly risky and we do not anticipate returning to in person Sunday worship at least for the rest of the summer, and likely even longer. Our “Gathering Again in Person” Task Force will continue meeting and will be developing recommendations for worship. We all want to be back together in some form, but we also need to be safe when we do it.
Please email me or Penny Johnson with any questions.
Remember, love your neighbor near and far by wearing masks and maintaining distance!
God bless,