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Making a Holy Difference Campaign

Making a Holy Difference:
Endowment & Annual Stewardship Appeal

The Union Church Endowment Fund is an important resource for the congregation, and with our Making A Holy Difference Appeal we wanted to introduce more people to what the Endowment Fund is all about. So here is an 8 minute video/slide introduction put together by the Endowment Ministry. Lots of good information here!

October 21 is our “Gathering Sunday” – Be in worship to hear initial good news! After the 10:00 service there will be a question and answer time about the Making a Holy Difference appeal.

We thank these fine people for agreeing to serve on the Appeal Core Team:

Core Group Leaders
Jim Brooks
Irv Clarke
David Hess
Marilyn Johnson
Robb Knuepfer
Laura LaPlaca
Micaela Saviano
Mike Solberg
Ed Spacapan
Dave Tillinghast
Scott Wentsel

We also give thanks for the many other volunteers who will be participating in the success of this Appeal. You will receive more information about this Appeal later in the month, as information will be distributed in person and by mail. Please continue to pray for the success of this Appeal and your part in it!