“Just Keep Swimming”
Luke 21:5-19

Preaching: Rev. Bromleigh McCleneghan

In the wake of the 2016 presidential elections, many preachers approached their pulpits with concerns about how to preach the Gospel in a difficult political climate. I (Bromleigh) tried in my sermon to interpret the week’s text in ways that would speak to our current moment, to lift up the stories of others who might escape our notice, to name my grief at the ways the church has not always supported those in need of justice, and to speak a word of hope and empowerment to those who long to live as Christ’s disciples. My deep hope and prayer — my commitment — is that all people of good will, on whatever side of the political aisle they find themselves — will come together, now more than ever, to do the work of serving God and loving our neighbor in all that we do.

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