Sermons At Union Church

The preached Word, or the sermon, is the central act of most protestant worship. The preacher proclaims the good news of God reflected through a passage of the Bible, in ways that speak to the questions, concerns and experiences of the congregation and the world. Within that basic framework, our preaching staff find a lot of room for variety. Sometimes (usually during Advent and Lent) we follow the revised common lectionary, a cycle of readings established by an ecumenical body, that over the course of three years covers much of the Bible. Often, we do a series, focusing on particular themes or books of the Bible, or styles of music. Whether it’s “Broadway and the Bible,” “Strange Love,” “Our Whole Lives,” or “Disney and the Good News” (coming this summer!), we hope you’ll hear a good word about what God is doing in the world, and how we might be called to respond.