On Sunday, November 5, we began to focus again on our Before We Get to Mars project. On this day, we wanted to give people an idea of the kind of thing that is possible when God’s people in one simple congregation really put their hearts, minds, and strength to love their neighbors as themselves over a period of many years. The “sermon” was a TED talk by Fr. Greg Boyle, who was for many years the pastor of the Delores Mission Parrish in East Los Angeles. Fr. Boyle is the public focus of the work of Homeboy Industries (maybe because he is such a great storyteller!), but it was the congregation that made the work possible.

(Note: there is some profanity in this talk.)

Before We Get To Mars
November Sunday Series

“Before We Get To Mars” Week One
11/5/2017 @ 10:00 a.m.
Fr. Greg Boyle