What Really Matters in Life?

Faith and friendship, right? When you get right down to it, church is largely about relationships – with God and with other people. Many people at Union Church will tell you that our Simple Supper program is the most part of their church life because it is about these two basics: faith and friendship.

Simple Supper groups are small groups of people who meet once a month in homes for fellowship, growth in faith, and a simple supper. They are informal, fun and truly meaningful.

We are now organizing new groups for the fall, and we encourage everyone to participate. Please contact Mike Solberg or Bromleigh McCleneghan if you would like to be part of one of these faith and friendship groups! We will schedule new groups to work with participant’s schedules.

Please contact Bromleigh McCleneghan (bmccleneghan@uchinsdale.org or 630-590-6693) or Mike Solberg (msolberg@uchinsdale.org or 630.590.6695) and let us know of your interest, because faith and friendship are what really matter.


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