Take delicious food, add some friends, acquaintances, a bit of interesting discussion around the Bible and faith, or even current events and other “hot topics”, and then voila, you’ve cooked up a Simple Supper Group! These groups are one of the great things about Union Church; some might say the best thing! Simple Suppers are a way for people to enjoy a simple meal together, form friendships for our journey through life and keep it real with stories of our lives, and of our faith through the Bible. These groups generally consist of 12-16 people and meet once a month on an agreed upon evening. We are forming new groups now for all ages and various days/times so let us know if you are interested. Individuals and couples are welcome. Give it a try for a couple of months and see what you think!

Contact Simple Suppers: EMAIL FOR MORE INFORMATION or call 630-323-4303