Summer Worship Series 2018 Updates

Summer Worship Series 2018 Updates

Introducing Prayer Candles: As part of our summer worship focus on prayer, for the next few weeks, we invite the congregation to light prayer candles as a sign of ongoing prayers. The candles are in the Gathering Place, just outside the Sanctuary. Prayer candles are an ancient practice in the church, and while more common in Catholic churches, they have also been a sign of prayer in Protestant churches like ours. Prayer candles are simply an assuring, visible sign of prayers that we are making to God, for ourselves or for others. They remind us that Jesus is light of the world, and that the light shines in the darkness. (Due to safety requirements, we cannot leave the candles burning around the clock, but they will last for a few hours.)
And Prayer Flags, As Well: We also invite the congregation to record prayers for our community and for the world on prayer flags that we will hang outside on church property. Originally a Buddhist practice, prayer flags have come into Christianity as a way to make our prayers for the world more public. Following worship the next few Sundays, we invite you to come to Rowell Hall and write brief prayers for the well-being of our community or the world on the prayer flags. Drawings are welcome too.



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