Summer Worship Series on Prayer

Summer Worship Series on Prayer

This summer in worship, we will be focusing on prayer. One of our core commitments as a congregation is that God is real, and we take the time to get to know God better. Prayer is one of the best gifts God has given us to help us know, and love, God better.

And yet, most of us feel really inadequate and even uncomfortable when it comes to prayer, and honestly, “the church” has not done a very good job of helping with that. Some of us have little interest in prayer, thinking it not right to “request” things of God. Some of us try to pray, but feel like perpetual beginners. Some of us are comfortable with our prayer life, but still wonder if there is more to it than we have discovered.

Hopefully by the end of this summer, all who make the attempt will feel that they can know, and love, God better through prayer.

Here is the focus for each Sunday this summer:

May 27 – Public Prayer, Communal and Personal Grief (recognizing Memorial Day)
June 3 – “Thoughts and Prayers” – Response to Tragedy, with Action
June 10 – The Lord’s Prayer
June 17 – Purpose of Prayers of the People in Worship
June 24 – Report from Work Tour (Prayer in Action)
July 1 – Prayers of Confession
July 8 – Saying Grace Before Meals
July 15 – Bedtime Prayers (including prayers with children)
July 21 – Prayer School (Event Canceled)
July 22 – A Personal Prayer Life
July 29 – Prayer in the Roman Catholic Tradition
August 5 – Music and Prayer
August 12 – The Reality of God’s Silence
August 19 – Prayer and Bodily Movement

Come and get to know, and love, God better, through prayer.



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