Support Needed To Aid Flooding Rescue and Recovery Efforts in Louisiana

Support Needed To Aid Flooding Rescue and Recovery Efforts in Louisiana


The need is immediate for your contributions to assist in the recovery of the severe flooding in Louisiana.

Parts of Louisiana received 30 inches of rain within 3 days, leaving 20 parishes in a state of emergency and stranding nearly 30,000 people. In all, over 12,000 needed to seek refuge in shelters, nearly a dozen died, and an estimated 40,000 homes have been damaged or destroyed in the Baton Rouge and Lafayette areas.  (from the UCC Disaster Response website)

To donate online go to:

If you prefer to donate by mail, make checks payable to

Emergency USA Fund.

Mail to:

United Church of Christ
c/o Financial Services office,
700 Prospect Ave.,
Cleveland OH 44115

Here is what anyone interested in helping Louisiana should know:

  • Cash is the most effective and efficient way to meet basic needs now and in recovery.
  • Don’t donate items unless you have received a specific request from an organization on the ground that can handle storage and distribution. Consider the cost of transportation vs. purchasing locally.
  • Don’t self-deploy. Only travel to the area if you’ve been trained and called upon by an organization requesting your physical presence.
  • Be patient. Begin to clear your calendar months from now and set aside time for serving to help repair/rebuild homes.
  • Give to a reputable organization.
  • Pray for the survivors and emergency personnel.

Monetary donations provide the most effective, efficient, and versatile form of support for disaster survivors:


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