We thank all of you who responded to the survey about our possible Endowment Growth Campaign. We received responses from 73 people, which is a good and meaningful response rate according to our consultant, Bob Connolly of The James Company. To the key third question of the survey – “Will you support an Endowment Fund Appeal for expanding the Endowment Fund?” – the results were as follows:

Yes – 70 %
Uncertain/need more info – 21.7 %
No – 8.3 %

Based on this information and his 35 years of experience with church fundraising, Bob Connolly has made his report to Executive Council, and offered the following conclusions/recommendations:

  • 1) The number of survey responses and meeting participants were sufficient to project how the congregation will respond to an Endowment Fund Appeal.
  • 2) The 70% “Yes” response to question number 3 is significant enough to proceed with an Appeal. We usually look for at least a 60% “Yes” response to question number 3.
  • 3) The spirit and the questions at the Information Meetings indicates good support for an Appeal.
  • 4) The responses given to the other questions indicate strong support for the idea of the Endowment expansion. There are no significant patterns from the “changes” proposed to the expansion idea. The questions raised on the surveys and at the meetings can be adequately addressed during an Appeal.
  • 5) You are in a strong position to move forward with a successful Endowment Fund Appeal. 

The Executive Council will decide at it’s March 20 meeting whether we will go ahead with an endowment fund appeal, so be looking for more information in the next few weeks

With thanks from the preliminary planning team:
Irv Clark, Micaela Saviano, Don Gralen, Sharon Olsen, David Hess, Mike Solberg

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