“Thank You” Notes From Building & Grounds

“Thank You” Notes From Building & Grounds

Chancel Railing Update and Thank You
On behalf of the Building and Grounds of UCH, and the Trustees, we would like to thank the families of the following people for the donation in memoriam towards the new chancel railing:
  • Mary Shewalter
  • Scott Jones
  • Dorothy Newby
  • Philip Van Voorhees
Although sad they are not here to see the new railing, we will remember them fondly each time we use it.
Alarm System Update and Thank You
In addition, after many years of discussion, research and study, the Trustees have approved a new security system for the church.  It is a sign of the times, that we must focus time money and efforts to protect the people within these walls. Specifically, we have had the following additions and changes made.
  • We have a security alarm system to a central dispatch that when called via a remote alarm button will send help immediately. This system is for the Chapel and the Sanctuary in case of emergency.
  • We have an electronic door system installed on the main doors off the Third St Main entrance and the North Parking lot entrance.
  • We have added 4 new cameras to cover the entire exterior and more of  the interior of the building.
  • We have updated the recording DVR to capture better images.
Changes you will see will be locked doors after business hours, with key fobs for entry after those doors are locked.
We will have one or two staff persons with the ability to control access to the Church entry via computer or cell phone remotely.
We have children here 6 days a week.  We have staff here many times alone in the building late at night.  We have our members here sometimes later into the evening for meetings and in this room-every Sunday.  The security we have added are for all of these people. The chances of anything like a gunman or an armed person coming through our doors is less than 1% chance. Regardless, we don’t want to play the odds, when it is our friends and family’s safety on the line. Not on our watch.
We will host a security training meeting educating the congregation, the staff and the school in what to do in case of an emergency. There will be a date set and more information to follow.
In addition, I would like on behalf of our Trustees and of our church thank the following families for their generous donations to make these security improvements.
The Family of:
  • Sandy Katz,
  • Bert Early,
  • Daisy Pletcher,
  • Sally Dickey,
  • Sue Brockman,
  • Charles Armstrong,
  • Katherine Moffatt,
  • Don Miller,
  • Richard Decker, and
  • Gayle Trask.
  • James Platts
  • Timothy Pyle
  • Fern Decker
  • Nancy Whitney
May those we remember with this donation, rest in peace knowing they have helped to make our church a safer place.




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