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The Union Church Care Team


Union Church is pleased to announce the reinvigoration of our efforts to care for each other. We have started a Care Team which is greatly expanding the work of our lay ministry team. The new Care Team is made up of church members who have volunteered to be trained as lay ministers for other people in our congregation. The Care Team/Lay Ministers will call on and meet with other church members who are going through a difficult time for whatever reason. For example, loss of a loved one, getting a scary medical diagnosis, starting Hospice, going through Chemo, going through a divorce, broken relationships, struggling financially, career/job changes, becoming empty nesters, etc.

The purpose of the Care Team is to help comfort and emotionally support people in their losses and grief.  For the person that is struggling to feel safe “being heard,” and know that their information will be kept confidential, we are offering trained lay ministers to be there when needed. We want to help build supportive relationships and sustain each other in a life of faith, friendship, and trust in our church community.

We have selected Called to Care, the United Church of Christ (UCC) training program for these lay ministers (also known as the Care Team).  This training was around 17 hours in total.  We had 22 people take the training!  More opportunities to receive the training will be available in the future. The Rev. Dr. Janet Boyd, our part-time Pastor for Visitation, and an ordained minister and UCC pastor, is teaching the training sessions.  She is also the Pastor of a church in Evanston, is a trained psychotherapist, and is trained in lay caregiving.

When the care team is all trained, we will give details about how you can request the care of a lay minister for yourself or a loved one.  God bless these caregivers!

Questions? Please contact Dave Bozeman, david.bozeman@comcast.net or Melissa Barnes Mann, mannmelissa@comcast.net.


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