Think You Should Know a Little More about Jesus?
Come on Thursdays at 1:30 p.m. Starting June 9, 2016!

A reconstruction of what Jesus' face may have looked like by Richard Neave.Whatever you believe about God and faith and church and “all that stuff,” you have to admit that Jesus was/is fascinating.  I mean, this guy changed the world.  Raised in a poor family in a small, rural village in the hills of Palestine 2000 years ago, what this guy taught and how he lived and died (and still lived?) still reverberates today.  Not only that – he can make your life deeper and richer today.  Amazing.

Every Thursday from 1:30 – 3:00 (feel free to leave early if you need to!) at Union Church we will be learning about this guy, Jesus, and what he has to do with our lives and the world today.  Make friends when you come, or bring your own!  All are welcome.

If it matters, this is basically your only opportunity to regularly be in a group/class lead by Rev. Mike, and it is good stuff.  Really!  (And yes, this picture could be reasonably close to what he looked like!)  For more information, ask Mike Solberg (in person! or at, or 630.590.6695).

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