Time to Dig!

Time to Dig!

Now It’s REALLY time to dig!!
Preparing for the Women’s Association Plant Sale this Spring

Grab your shovels. Line up the flowerpots. It’s time to dig for the Women’s Association Plant Sale.  For fifty-four years we’ve been sharing plants from our gardens for the annual Plant Sale, and it’s time to start for this year’s sale which will be held at Bronswood Greenhouses on Friday, May 11.

Plants dug soon after they come out of the ground, and are potted and kept watered, will be nice and sturdy by sale time. If you’ll do the digging, we’ll do the potting and watering.

Just bring your plants to the back patio at 322 North Bruner Street (Eleanor Patterson’s) and we’ll do the rest. If you need pots or someone to dig your plants, call 630-887-0978 (Eleanor) or Ruth Finlay (630-323-4715).


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