For many years, our pastors and several church members have maintained an active, constantly updated prayer list.  Called “the Prayer Circle,” we regularly include prayer concerns and joys we hear about from the congregation. Currently, the pastors, staff, and a few dozen members receive this list on a weekly basis, and include the name and/or situation in their personal prayers.  

All are invited to have joys and/or concerns included on this prayer list, so we can continue to be a congregation in which we pray for each other.  Whether the name or situation involves you, a loved one, or a general or anonymous concern, please give the request/information to Melanie Burton in the church office (630.590.6652,, or to Rev. Solberg (630.323.4303, 

If you are suggesting someone else be on the prayer list, please be aware that, unless otherwise specified, the prayer list should be considered public information.  Please feel free to continue to give fully confidential prayer requests to Rev. Solberg directly. Also, if you would like to be one of the people who commits to praying for others with us, please give your name to Melanie or Rev. Solberg, and we will welcome you (email access required). God bless all those we pray for, and those who pray!

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