Water, Bread, Wine: Exploring the Sacraments in Worship during April and May

Water, Bread, Wine: Exploring the Sacraments in Worship during April and May

On Sundays from April 8 to May 13, we will be exploring what the sacraments of Baptism and Communion are really all about in our church, and in our faith lives today. The first three weeks will be about Baptism, and the next three will be about Communion.

These sacraments have been cornerstones of Christian life and faith for nearly 2000 years, and they remain significant for many – yet our sense of their importance is often not matched by the depth of our understanding! We will use this time to explore what Baptism and Communion are in essence, and how and why they can remain a blessed part of our faith today.

To embody our belief that these sacraments are not “just spiritual” but also connect us deeply to the life of the world, we will also have a social theme each week, including a focus on racism, the #metoo movement, and our new partnership in Angola, and Before We Get to Mars.

April 8 – Baptism (update on new partnership in Angola)
April 15 – Baptism (conversation following worship about #metoo movement)
April 22 – Baptism (discussion following worship of race, privilege: Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult)
April 29 – Communion (important discussion and survey about Before We Get to Mars)
May 6 – Communion (sermon about the #metoo movement)
May 13 – Communion (preview of Debby Irving visit on May 19 about Waking Up White)

Plan to be in worship each week, and stay after for interesting stuff!


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