The Union Church of Hinsdale, UCC, is a community of people gathered around four core commitments:

God is real, and we take the time to get to know God better.
            Other people are great, and we take the time to get to know them better, too.
            We love children and youth, and we seek to raise them with a curious, generous, personal and socially-engaged Christian faith.
            We have power, and we use that power to make the world more like Jesus would want it to be.

Our commitments arise out of our relationship with our denomination, the United Church of Christ, our history as a congregational church deeply entwined with the life of the Hinsdale community, and our shared theological understandings. These four statements may seem simplistic on the surface, but they reference the understanding found throughout the Bible and Christian tradition, that Christian life is not just about what we believe, but how we live. That everyone can grow in their knowledge and love of God, and no one has all the answers. That other people are just like us: lead characters in the stories of their lives; wonderful and occasionally error-prone; imperfect but created and loved by God. That our children will not automatically or magically have faith if we baptize them or show up every now and again for church or call ourselves Christians; that the kind of faith we model matters. That we want them to know an inclusive and loving God and church that changes the world for God and is open to their questions and grateful for their gifts and presence.  That our world is not as it ought to be, rife with injustice and cruelty, but that we are empowered – by the promises of our baptism and the presence of the holy spirit – to change the world to better reflect the love of God.

The ministries of Union Church – from our worship to our mission partners, from the programs for kids and the books we read together – seek to reflect these commitments. We long for our congregation to be a place of welcome, comfort and challenge for people in all walks of life, wherever they are on their journey of faith. All people, of all races, nation of origin, gender and sexual identity, and economic class, are welcome here and embraced as full members of God’s body in the world.