Women’s Association focuses on fellowship and mission. Every woman who is a member of Union Church is considered a member. As a group, we strive to support each other and the church while providing opportunities for growth and service.


There are four smaller fellowship units that typically meet on the first Thursday of the month (morning, afternoon or evening). One of the units, called Authentic Women, meets weekly on Wednesdays for a book discussion.

Other events during the year include our Christmas stocking project for inner-city children, a Christmas Tea
following a performance of the HCHS Chamber Choir, and support for Rudolph’s Boutique (a unique Christmas shopping experience for children to buy inexpensive gifts for their families). Please check the Women’s Association bulletin board near the Gathering Place for current information. For more detailed information email 

Contact Women’s Association: EMAIL FOR MORE INFORMATION or call 630-323-4303


Annual Event Held in The Fall

Our major project of the year is our annual Resale, held in the fall of every year. Although Women’s Association is the main organizer, this event garners participation from members across the entire church as well as many non-members. Volunteering at Resale gives us the opportunity to make new friends, catch up with old friends, and provides a valuable service to the community. We work hard for a week and have fun doing it!




Annual Event Held November/December

Rudolph’s Boutique is a unique Christmas shopping experience for children to buy inexpensive gifts for their families. Children can look forward to seeing Santa Claus, shopping with a chaperone, and being able to experience the joy of gift-giving during the holiday season.



Annual Event Held in December

The Christmas stocking project brings our women’s association members together to benefit inner-city children.



Annual Event Held in December

The anticipated Christmas Tea follows the performance of the HCHS Chamber Choir.