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Live Generously

Union Church of Hinsdale

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Options for Giving

Once you click the “donate” button, you’ll be directed to the official Union Church giving page through our partner Realm. There you have several options for where your money will go.

Pledge UCH Mission & Ministries

Are you already a member and this is part of your pledge? Select this option. And while you are at it, why not make your life easier and sign up for automated giving? Think of it like a subscription to Union Church. Then you won’t accidentally forget!

Non-Pledge UCH Mission & Ministry

Member or not, this is the digital equivalent of putting money in the plate on Sunday morning. Your offering will go into our general fund, funding both boring (but very necessary!!!) things like utilities, building maintenance, and salaries, as well as the more exciting stuff like mission work, health care, youth programming, and care for our most vulnerable friends and neighbors.

The Common Purse

Jesus tells us that whenever someone asks for our coat, we should not only provide one but give them our shirt as well. This fund is the way we do that in the 21st century. Our pastoral staff is always on the lookout for folks who could use a hand. Sometimes it’s getting through a divorce, sometimes it’s grieving the loss of a loved one. Sometimes it’s difficulties at work/school, and sometimes it’s financial. Used on a case-by-case basis, our pastors utilize this fund to make sure everyone we come in contact with has the things they need. If you want your contribution to go directly to someone in need, this is the fund to select.


Gifts to the endowment fund will yield good fruit for many, many years to come. If you wish to help ensure the positive impact and future success of Union Church, your contributions would best serve that function in this fund. Learn more about how the fund works. 

Seasonal Offerings

These range from the rotating special offerings for our mission partners, to poinsettias in the winter and flowers for Easter.