The Giving Club

A philanthropic call to action for children K-8th grade

The giving club is on a mission to empower and nurture school-aged students in our
beloved community by teaching them a vision of global citizenship that
is informed, engaged, and active.

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4 Meetings Over 4 Months January – April

The Giving Club is a chance to engage your children in a philanthropic call to action. This is an intentional decision on the part of a child and his or her family to influence change with his or her thoughts and actions. Together you and your child are accepting a vision of citizenship that is informed, engaged, and active. Influencing change provides your family with new and meaningful relationships with others. The more we know about the complex issues of the world, the better we will be as neighbors.

A bonus to membership is that participants will earn service hours needed for confirmation, national junior honor society and other important endeavors.

  • 1st meeting is January 26th from 4-5: An adult and the participant must both attend this meeting. The adults will find out more of what to expect and the participants will start talking about how they will select their cause. There will also be several charities present for participants to explore.
  • 2nd meeting is February 23rd from 4-5:30: Only participants are required to attend this meeting. At this meeting participants will share what causes they have selected and a plan will be created about how they will raise fund and/or give of their time.
  • 3rd meeting is March 22nd from 4-6 (pizza will be served): Only participants are required to attend this meeting. At this meeting, participants will share their progress and they will begin to create their “exhibit” that will highlight the work they have accomplished.
  • 4th meeting is a celebration of April 19th at 10am: Families and friends of the participants will be invited to attend a service dedicated to the work that the Giving Club has accomplished. Each participant will have a poster or exhibit highlighting the work they have done.

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After all, with great privilege comes great responsibility!


137 South Garfield Avenue, Hinsdale, Illinois 60521
Contact information: 630-323-3314 ext. 6696 or email