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What’s My Why? (by: Rev. Robb Knuepfer)

Why am I a Christian?

Our Christian faith is grounded on the principle of love, and we are assured of God’s unconditional love of each of us by the redeeming grace of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. God calls us to live by the laws given to us in the form of the Ten Commandments. If all of us followed these rules, we would avoid the moral problems of the human experience.

When Jesus was asked by the lawyer which of the laws was the most important, he answered, “To love God with all your heart and mind and spirit.” And he added, the second law is like the first, “to love your neighbor as you love your self.” God calls us to love God, and to love our neighbors, all of our neighbors, not just the ones we love or who we want to love us.

Love is the answer, for God and for us. Love is the solution to war, poverty, crime, racism, and so many other problems we have created in this world. Love is the power to eliminate the evil in the world. Love is the power to create the world God envisions for us. God calls us to be the beloved community. Be Love. Because you are loved, just the way you are. Be Love!

And that, is my why.

Rev. Dr. Robb Knuepfer