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Trustees + Executive Council

Trustees Ministry

The Trustees are responsible for the personnel, physical and monetary assets of Union Church. We work with the congregation to budget for the needs, goals and mission of our church. Our mission is to create a fiscally sound house of worship that serves the entire congregation.

How We Serve

The members elected to the Trustees usually serve two, 2–year terms. This ministry works closely with seven standing committees:


  • Create opportunities and inspire the congregation throughout the year to give of their time and financial resources
  • Educate the congregation on the cost of operating the church, programs, and missions
  • Manage and run the annual pledge campaign

Building and Grounds

  • Manage the needs of the physical structure and grounds
  • Plan for the yearly and long-term needs of maintaining our house of worship
  • Plan and manage short- and long-term acquisitions of sacred art for the church


  • Work with the Ministries of Union Church and the financial manager of the church to develop the annual budget
  • Prepare and present the annual budget to the congregation

Human Resources

  • Review personnel policies regarding church staff
  • Fill vacancies, create new positions or eliminate positions as the needs of the church change
  • Oversee staff annual reviews and salaries


  • Review legal, insurance, and finance arrangements and requirements for the church
  • Determine the best policies that meet the needs of the church
  • Advise regarding legal issues and church matters as they arise

Memorials and Gifts

  • Receive, manage, and disburse gifts from church members and friends given in memory of loved ones
  • Manage requests as they are received

Digital Ministry Team

  • Evaluate, plan and budget for technology requirements
  • Work with the staff and Ministries of the church to create user-friendly data collection

Executive Council

The Executive Council of Union Church is the governing body of the church and is made up of 18 elected members of the church, including the Moderator and the Ministry Chairs, plus the Senior Minister. The Executive Council is responsible for the whole life and ministry of Union Church. The Executive Council goals are currently focused on growing faith, increasing participation, serving others and fostering generosity. Our guiding principles, God is real, We have power, Other people are great, and We love children and youth, shape our projects and hearts in all we do.

How We Serve

Our nine Ministries and other committees report to the Executive Council and have the responsibility of executing plans and developing activities to meet our goals. Our Ministries are: Christian Education, Endowment, Membership, Ministry for Change, Music, Parish Life, Trustees, UCECP (preschool), and Worship. Each meets once a month to plan and manage their projects and responsibilities. These elected members are dedicated to the vitality of our church. Their creative energy and endless commitment to Union Church are seen in everything we do every day.

Executive Council + Ministry Chairs

David Hess, Moderator
Mary Sue Honigschmidt, Vice Moderator
Christopher Weil, Treasurer
Kevin Manning, Assistant Treasurer
Laurie McMahon, Clerk
Mike Solberg, Senior Minister

Music Ministry
Lucy Tarabour

Parish Life Ministry
Fran Evans

Ministry for Change
Trayce Biancalana & Heather Manning

Worship Ministry
Gail Weber

Trustees Ministry
Christopher Kapcar

Endowment Ministry
Jeffrey Zimmer

Christian Education Ministry
Danielle Tuck & Jennifer Weil

Membership Ministry
Anna Glowiak

At Large
Maria Coyne
Kirk Grimm
Harley Houser
Jennifer Keldahl
Abby Lombardi

Last Updated: April 2022