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Endowment Ministry Mission

The Endowment Ministry provides gifting opportunities for Union Church’s members and friends to create a lasting legacy through specified bequests in their Wills to The Endowment Fund of Union Church of Hinsdale. The Endowment Ministry has the fiduciary responsibility for investing contributions and using gifts to support future Church services and programs.

Endowment Ministry Organization

The Endowment Ministry performs three principal functions: Development, Investment and Education

  • Development – Counsels with individuals exploring opportunities to determine the best way they can share their gifts with the Church.
  • Investment – Focuses on increasing the Endowment Fund portfolio through prudent investment strategies. Calculates and awards annual beneficiary distributions.
  • Education – Informs the congregation and friends about financial matters.


Contributions to the Endowment Fund are appreciated as either designated or undesignated bequests. Sixteen (16) fund categories exist for designated gifts. Specific Church Ministries are charged with determining the best use of income from the designated funds. Contributions, in excess of $100K, may have naming opportunities creating a special fund that may not currently exist. Undesignated bequests are placed in the Church’s Endowment General fund. The Endowment Ministry elects to turn over distributions from this fund to the Trustee’s Budget committee primarily to support the Church’s General Budget. Gifts to the Endowment Fund are welcome in the form of cash, appreciated securities insurance policies, real estate, autos etc. The Endowment Ministry team stands prepared to work with individuals and families to discuss a variety of alternate ways in which they may make gifts to the Endowment Fund, recognizing different needs for tax and life income purposes.

Endowment Ministry Service

Annual distributions are measured at 5% of the Endowment Fund’s prior three – year average annual ending balances. Endowment Funds are invested according to best money management practices as outlined in the Endowment Ministry policies. The Endowment Ministry monitors portfolio performance and reports monthly results to the Trustees and to the congregation at Union Church’s annual meeting. Union Church members, with professional financial experience, are invited to serve on the Endowment Ministry team. Gifts to the Endowment Fund produces benefits year after year that continues indefinitely. Accumulated benefits will be far in excess of the original gifts. Together, we have made a lasting impression in our community through the work of Union Church. A bequest to the Endowment Fund allows this work to continue beyond the days we have been blessed on this earth. We thank you for considering to bequest the Union Church Endowment Fund in your Estate.