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New Responsibilities for the Rev. Grant Glowiak

This time of staff transition has been a good time to think creatively about our overall staff configuration and responsibilities. In consultation with other staff, HR, and Executive Council, I (Rev. Mike) have given Grant Glowiak a new portfolio of responsibilities for his ministry with us. Grant will now be transitioning his main focus to work with families with young children at home, as well as new members and membership growth. This means that Grant will now be our “point person” for our parents with children at home, for our connection to the parents of UCECP families, for new members and those considering becoming members, and for outreach to others who may become part of Union Church. Grant will also continue his important contributions to worship, as well as other general areas of ministry.

Until we bring on board a new Associate Minister for Mission and Youth (see announcement just above), Grant and other staff, as well as several very active church members, will be making sure that our mission and youth work continue in good form. As with any time of transition, there are always “hiccups,” and good communication is key, so please contact me (email here, or 630.590.6695) if you have any ideas or concerns about our ministry, especially in the areas involved in this transition.

May God bless Rev. Grant in this new portfolio of ministry, and all of us through his service!