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Associate Minister Search Committee Established

We are very happy to announce that the Executive Council, through Moderator Mary Sue Honigschmidt, has established an Associate Minister Search Committee to find the person who will serve as our next Associate Minister for Mission and Youth. The Search Committee is made up of people from our HR team, those most actively engaged in our mission and youth work, as well as parents of the current and future youth of the church. We are grateful to all for agreeing to share in this important work: Trayce Biancalana, Penny Davey, Christine Hennessey, Mary Sue Honigschmidt, Matt Kilens, Gabby Parra, Claudine Roberts, Rob Schaefer, Ed Spacapan, Jen Weil, Nadine Woodle, and Mike Solberg, ex officio. We’ll give more information about all these committee members soon.

The committee will meet for the first time on March 23 to initiate their work, including planning special listening sessions with the congregation and with particular groups within the congregation, to hear your hopes for our next Associate Minister. The committee will be communicating regularly with the congregation, although of course maintaining necessary confidentiality about possible candidates.

We want to issue a broad invitation for people who may be interested in this position, and we will be using both the official UCC “Search and Call” process and other avenues to seek applicants. While this work is just beginning, if there is someone you would like to suggest to the committee for consideration, please contact Mary Sue Honigschmidt.

Thank you, and may God be with us all in this important work!

P.S. If you are wondering why we are searching for an Associate Minister for Mission and Youth, rather than an Associate Minister for Ministry with Families, read this post!