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The story of Sueños y Esperanzas and their impactful work in Guatemala

Union Church began supporting Sueños y Esperanzas 4 years ago by sponsoring 2 students in their after-school program.  Since then, we have seen the program blossom into a full-scale support system for both students and their parents.  It is a true community center at the heart of the town of San Juan Laguna in the mountains of the beautiful country of Guatemala.  With our support, they began the Abejita’s program because many children in the community were malnourished. They wanted to provide them with vitamins and nutritious meals. Today the program has expanded to feed not only their bodies, but also their hearts and their minds. They provide interactive educational experience design for children, ages 6 to 9 to boost their learning through exploration and experimentation. These experiences are developed by master guides who designed the environment based on the needs of the children, and of course finished with a healthy meal and an opportunity to brush their teeth. Sueños y Esperanzas offers the only computer lab in our community for no cost. These computers were donated by Union Church in 2022.  With these computers they connect the local children and young people to a world of technology and knowledge, they also offer the community access to computers and the Internet to learn study or complete school assignments. They also facilitate tutoring and classes twice a week to expose students to a variety of popular computer programs and online tools to secure higher paying jobs. Local students need technology access and training. Sueños y Esperanzas is helping to open doors for a bright future.

About Sueños y Esperanzas

Dreams and Hopes was founded as a United Sates 501(c)(3) organization in Oregon to create the opportunity for individuals and corporations outside of Guatemala to learn about and support the education of Mayan communities in Guatemala. The primary partner in this mission is Sueños y Esperanzas. Sueños y Esperanzas is a formal Guatemalan non-governmental organization (NGO).